converts your 2D photographs into beautiful 3D photos, using only our smartphone without any additional hardware.

Hover over the photo to the left to preview how it might look like
opens up new possibilities

while interacting with your photos:
  • refocus your photos anytime after taking it
opens up new possibilities

while interacting with your photos:
  • or apply filters that are not possible before
and many many more
  • from placing it inside Augmented Reality scene
  • to use the 3D information to measure the size of the object in comparison to your living room
  • or to properly detect and recognize objects up to its actual shape (not just rectangular outline)
  • or to stitch 3D model together using data shared by other people
the possibilities are endless

share your photos with your friends and families:
  • through our mobile apps
  • embed it into your blogs
  • or export it as animated GIF to popular social networks
because we want to preseve your memories more vividly with others
coming soon...

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